Building a CNC Router

So, my younger brother build himself a cnc-router. A few pictures where enough, i wanted that!
I love woodworking, i enjoy good quality tools.
I also love computer drawing, programming, elektrical enginering.
So after weeks of reading, i knew what i wanted.
I ordered the basics from openbuild, they use e very nice rail system.

Picture of CNC components







After weeks, i got me the components.

Openbuild is strait forwards, lots of video’s on internet with instructions.
I decided to use a not commonly used Makita router, type RT0700CX3J.

Picture of Basic cnc router table

Picture of Makita Router










Until now, Makita was worth it’s money.

First working homebuild CNC routerPicture of WireChain







Openbuild of uses the arduino with a cnc GRBL Shield, i did not like it, since it gave me a lot of chrashes.
I replaced the arduino  with the TinyG board, from the same factory.

Picture of synthetos-grbl-shield


Picture of tinyg cnc steering

synthetos TinyG board









Although now controlled by a webpage (ChiliPepper), it did not fail me anymore.
It also has connections for limit switches, i did wire and connect them, but this is not reliable,
you need sensors, not switches that react to dust and heavy vibrations.

So the fun began. I’m still experimenting. I now use Artcam to draw and to export to gcode.
I downloaded the free Fusion 360, i will try that later, you have to learn how to use it.
Artcam is more easy and it naturally supports V-bit letter carving, and i like to make signs…..

picture of v-bit-carving

Jugendstill artphoto made on CNC Router








The photo  above was fun, but creating foto using the free program Halftoner V1.4 is stunning.

You drill thousands of holes using a v-bit. The size of the hole defines the black level….. Amazing:

V-Bit carved photo.

V-bit carved photo








If enlarge the photo (Click on it) and you get away from the screen a little, you will see the picture better…..

You can also throw away your scrollsaw: 

Picture of CNC cut of seahorse

Picture of CNC cut of turtle









The possibilities are limitless. I will keep you updated.

But for now my Job at IBM is ending, so i need to work on a new career aspect.
I’m  little ready with  IT, so maby CNC and elektronic drawing might be a new future!

Kind regards, Johan Mulder